Intermittent letterpress label printing machine

  • Intermittent web feed letterpress label press individual system
  • Guideless printing units

New ALTO-250 with reliable quality based on SMP-300 fits all demand well.


  • Unwinder with air shaft
  • Web guide
  • Ink wash up system
  • Plate cylinder twisted adjustment
  • Second pass system
  • Print register check camera
  • UV curing system
  • Rewinder with air shaft


  • Flexo varnishing
  • Magnetic cylinder die-cutting
  • Back side printing
  • In-line adhesive surface printing
  • (Glue kill printing)
  • In-line cold foil stamping
  • In-line UV laminating
  • In-line laminating
  • Waste matrix rewinder
  • Label position shifter
  • Slitter
  • Scale dial inking control
  • Impression drum quick exchange system


Max. web width (mm) 250
Max. print width (mm) 230
Max. feed length (mm) 180
Printing speed (shots/min) 200
Unwinder & rewinder (mmφ) 550
Number of colors 2 – 9
Dimensions 4 colors + die cutting (LxWxH mm) 4.575×1.000×1.720
Electric requirements ALTO-250:
3-Phase 200VAC 75A 17KVA (depends on number of units)
UV system (4 lamps):
3-Phase 200VAC 80A 26KVA


01 Features

Colored LCD touch screen

Enables everyone to easily command various instructions on a single screen to prevent operation errors.


02 Features

Web guide system

Precisely guides any widths of web with latest supersonic sensor and thus established a new common wording named “guideless.”


03 Features

Print cylinder

A pull-out type of print cylinder is employed. Plate setting can easily be done on the plate mounting device exclusively provided.


04 Features

Impression drum quick exchange system

Drum self-exchanging and auto printing pressure switch have been adopted to provide better operational efficiency and prevent error.


05 Features

Magnetic cylinder die-cutting unit

Magnetic cylinder saves balancing time and responds to various short run jobs.


06 Features

Laminating unit

Adhesive laminating can be done at high speed.