RMGT Press Information Cloud (PIC)

The RMGT Press Information Cloud (PIC) aims to connect the printing company’s main system with the RMGT Press Information Edge (PIE) that serves as the press interface. PIC can understand and learn the content of each printing job to optimise the printing sequence and ink conversion curve, further expanding the benefits of automation. Utilising the press operating conditions and productivity criteria, visualised by the PIC, printing companies can quickly implement a PDCA cycle to increase productivity.

“RMGT’s smart factory of the future responds to accelerating market trends with an ideal production system that flexibly meets changing demand. The automated labour saving presses of the future will enhance print quality and shorten make-ready times, utilising IoT and cloud technologies for real-time visualisation of press operating conditions,” the company said.

“All equipment within a printing factory will be interconnected and AGVs will relieve operators of the repetitive workload of transporting paper and printed materials to the next process.