Compact type of intermittent web feed label printing press

  • Individual servo motor drive
  • Paper guideless

Sectional drive mechanism was realizeb both Easy Operability and
High speed – High functionality.
Easy operation with guideless mechanism


  • Unwinder
  • Web guide system
  • Ink wash device
  • Twisted plate correcting device
  • UV curing system
  • Flatbed die-cutting unit
  • Laminating unit


  • Print register check camera
  • Second pass function
  • Steel impression roller set
  • Rewinder
  • Sheet cutter



Max. web width (mm) 200
Min. web width (mm) 50
Max. print width (mm) 190
Feed length (mm) 125
Printing speed (shots/min) 200
Unwinder  (mmφ) 400
Printing units 3
Flaatbed die-cutting area (mm) 190×125
Waste matrix rewinder (mmφ) 400
Press dimensions (LxWxH mm) 3.135×1.070×1.640
Electric requirements 3φ 200VAC 30A 10.4KVA
(not include UV curing system)


01 Features

Colored LCD touch screen

enables everyone to easily command various instructions on a single screen to prevent operation errors.


02 Features

Web guide system

precisely guides any widths of web with latest sensor and thus established a new common wording named “guideless”.


03 Features

Print cylinder

A pull-out type of print cylinder is employed. The plate setting can easily be done on the plate mounting device exclusively provided.


04 Features

Dancer roll device

continues to give tension to web and realizes always consistent web feed.


05 Features

Dancer roll device

realizes powerful, speedy and consistent die-cutting without unevenness.


06 Features

Laminating unit

overlaminates adhesive laminate film at a high speed.