AMS showcases the world’s first high-speed LED UV drying system installed on a Goss M600 web-offset press in Japan, replacing a heat-set drying system. Speeds of 40,000 impressions/hour are achieved with a single XP9 series LED module per side. Kinmei is now capable of producing sheetfed quality printing with vibrant ink density on stocks ranging from the thinnest newspaper weights to heavy gloss papers.
            An AMS FLEXO Series LED UV system accelerates the productivity of a 7 color OMET narrow web food packaging flexographic printing press, and provides an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional UV system it replaces.
            Video highlights the first print results using 2x high-powered AMS LED UV curing units on a Goss M600 38-inch web offset press in Tokyo, Japan. The LED UV units set a world record in curing speed and eliminated the Heat-Set gas-fired dryer traditionally used, saving considerable energy and delivering flatter, higher-quality sheets in a fraction of the space
            Air Motion Systems | AMS UV is a North American company transforming printing through high power UV LED. Welcome to a new era of print. 100% eco-friendly, instant drying, in-line effects, high-value substrates, fast, easy press installation, compact, durable UV LED energy at the highest intensity for maximum process speeds. Gone are mercury, ozone, heat, shutters — in are significant energy savings. Solvent-free/VOC-free inks and LED UV coating varnishes eliminate harmful emissions. An extra print unit becomes a coater. Print spot, gloss, matte, emboss, strikethrough effects, and liquid laminate without odor for brilliant quality and higher value. Sheets off the press are completely dry and ready to deliver. AMS PEAK LED-UV fits all existing machines from new OEM presses to vintage in delivery or print unit locations, and a compact, space-saving footprint. Join the LED printing revolution with exceptional speed and quality, maximum vibrancy and impact. No more powder for clean tech without marking and non-stop, eco-friendly production on paper, foil, plastic, film — coated or uncoated stocks. It’s all there now. From the world leader in LED UV systems. Let’s get to a better place. Air Motion Systems | AMS UV. Visit us at or