High quality intermittent letterpress label
Printing machine

  •  Intermittent web feed letterpress label press individual system
  • Guideless printing units

The enhanced SMART – 330 function progresses
Beyond SMP-300 with its overwhelmingly superior
Performance which reflects the high standard of
Intermittent letterpress machine.


  • Power Lift Unwinder with air shaft
  • Web guide
  • Scale dial inking control
  • Automatic ink wash up system
  • Plate cylinder twisted adjustment
  • Second pass system
  • Print register check camera/monitor
  • UV curing system
  • Rewind unit with air shaft


  • Flexo varnishing
  • Magnetic cylinder die-cutting
  • Back side printing unit
  • In-line adhesive surface printing
  • (Glue kill printing)
  • In-line cold foil stamping
  • In-line laminating
  • Waste matrix rewinder
  • Label position shifter
  • Slitter
  • Impression drum quick exchange system



Max. web width (mm) 330
Max. print width (mm) 310
Max. feed length (mm) 200
Printing speed (shots/min) 220 (40M/min)
Unwinder & rewinder (mmφ) 650 & 550
Number of colors 2 – 9
Dimensions 4 colors + die cutting (LxWxH mm) 5.500×1.205×1.678
Electric requirements


C3-Phase 200VAC 75A 17KVA (depends on number of units)
UV system (4 lamps):
3-Phase 200VAC 80A 26KVA



01 Features

Power Lift Unwinder

Operator can set web easily with lift equipped in unwind system.


02 Features

Scale dial inking control

Shows accurate number of ink formulation with scale dial to support work efficiency.


03 Features

Operation LCD touch screen

Equipped with each unit to support work efficiency.


04 Features

Impression drum quick exchange system

Drum self-exchanging and auto printing pressure switch have been adopted to provide better operational efficiency and prevent error.


05 Features

Print register check camera

High functional camera and large monitor have been equipped together to provide clear visibility.


06 Features

In-line adhesive surface printing unit

Enables In-line adhesive killing and adhesive surface printing.