Variable Trimmer HT-1000V

The Horizon HT-1000V three-knife trimmer achieves zero make-ready on book trim size and thickness changes. Well suited for shortrun production, and book of one production can also be achieved through barcode driven set-up.


Model HT-1000V
Untrimmed Book Size Max. Spine Length 350 x Fore-edge Length 320 mm/ 13.780” x 12.600”
Limitation: The maximum length from the center to top or bottom is 175 mm/ 6.889”.
Min. Spine Length 148 x Fore-edge Length 105 mm/ 5.825” x 4.130”
Limitation: The minimum length from the center to top or bottom is 74 mm/ 2.91”.
Trim Width Fore-edge: Max. 110 mm/ 4.330” Min. 1 mm/ 0.04”
Top and bottom: Max. 80 mm/ 3.150” Min. 1 mm/ 0.04”
Trim Height 1 to 65 mm/ 0.04” to 2.560”
Production Speed 400 to 1,000 cycles per hour (Higher production can be reached withpiled books.)
In case of the following trimmed condition, the production speed can reaches to 1,000 cycles per hour.
– Constant untrimmed size to constant fi nished size
– Constant untrimmed size to A4/letter size through A5/half letter fi nished size