Three-knife Trimmer HT-80

The HT-80 automated three knife trimmer can be used off-line or in-line for fast, efficient book production.

Automated Set Up – Most sections can be set up automatically by inputting the untrimmed size and fi nished size into the intuitive color touch screen for quick and accurate change over.


Model HT-80
Untrimmed Book Size Spine Length x Fore-edge Length
Max. 330 x 330 mmor 13” x 13” 350 x 330 mmor 13.78” x 13”
(When Using the Optional C-80L)
Min. 145 x 105 mmor 5.71” x 4.135”
Trim Width Top and bottom: Max. 30 mmor 1.18” each
Fore-edge: Max. 30 mmor 1.18”
Trim Height 1 to 51 mmor 0.04″ to 2″
Production Speed 400 to 1,000 cycles per hour