Label inspection machine

Simple and comfortable usability,
SNR – 300 a new label inspection machine with multiple function.


  • Unwind and Rewind tension controller
  • Web guide
  • Inspection table
  • Total amount or measurement counter
  • Backside red tape inspection


  • Slitting
  • Double shafts rewinder


Max. web width (mm) 300 (350)
Unwinder & Rewinder(mm) 500
Feeding speed(m/min) 100(depends on inspection accuracy)
Machine dimensions(L×W×H mm) 1,600×900(950)×1,728 2,200×900(950)×1,728 (Including slitter blades)
Electric requirements 3Phase 200VAC 20A  Single Phase 100VAC 15A(For inspection device)


Navitas Checker

Feeding speed Max.100m/min

(Inspection speed depends on the size of labels, content and quality.)

Line sensor

Color/ Monotone 2K (2,048px), 4K (4,096px)


LED high light dome illumination

(Permeate illumination can be adopted as optional equipment.)

PC OS: Windows Multi core CPU, Required storage: more than 4GB
Image treatment Navitas checker flex
Inspection setting NEO (NVS Easy Operation)
tool Select from 5 stages such as Strict, Slightly strict, Normal,

Slightly rough, and Rough.

(Each inspection condition can be selected by all users.)

Inspection content

Pinhole, Break, Projection, Ink bleed, Blur, Foreign substances, Color

spotting, Printing position, Label position, Registration error,

Position error measurement, Inclination error measurement , OCR

(Letter recognition), Barcode,

Recognition and collation of two-dimensional code, Inspection of
consecutive numbers, Barcode grade judgement (Reference value)

Supportive barcode, date code


Interleaved 2of5(ITF),Industrial 2of5,RSS(GS-1 Databar),

etc/QR-code, micro QR-code,DataMatrix (ECC 200、GS-1),PDF 417

*It is possible to adjust inspection quality and condition for each
printed letter and selected point.



Defect automatic

Defected label automatic correction and one pass mode switch.

inspection condition file saving

Result  FLX-Verify

・Display of enlarged defects and blink

・Input and out put of report (PDF)

・CSV output

・Record, confirmation, modification, and report of the result of udgement