970 model


The upgraded A1 plus-size 970 model builds on the high performance and reliability of the A1-size 920 and 940 models. With a maximum paper size of 650 x 965 mm (maximum printing size: 640 x 930 mm), it can comfortably handle a wide range of applications including multi-page jobs, multi-up printing for packages, and posters. Equipped with a benderless clamping system and a user-friendly touch panel, the RMGT 970 offers increased productivity and shorter lead times.


Model St (straight press) PF (convertible perfector)
Max. printing speed 16,000 S.P.H. 15,000 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 650 x 965 mm
Min. sheet size 290 x 410 mm Straight printing: 290 x 410 mm
Perfecting: 370 x 410 mm
Max. printing area 640 x 930 mm Straight printing: 640 x 930 mm
Perfecting: 630 x 930 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 – 0.6 mm

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
This data was obtained under RMGT’s standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.