Laser Finishing


The perfect finishing solution for digital labels

  • Superior laser cut quality thanks to the fully digital mirror (galvo) system.
  • Extra-long repeat lengths (up to 2.8 m) for special productions
  • Eliminated the “startup hole burn problem” of more simple systems thanks to digital & automatic 3D focus and power control system.
  • No tooling required, simply download the file from pre-press department and the GM LC350 laser will start working.
  • The laser has an optional bar code reader for quick change over and integration into Esko graphics pre-press solutions.
  • The laser module comes as a standard plug-in module for the GM converts but can also be feed into any other rotary web-fed machine.
  • The system is built using 100% standard industry components from major laser suppliers.
  • No more ordering conventional tooling and waiting days for delivery.
  • No more long make-readies and waste material.
  • No more storage and capital tied up in conventional tooling.
  • No more lifting heavy rotary tools.
  • Online support and remote diagnostics.
  • Industry 4.0 ready.





Web width 50 – 350 mm
Substrate 20 – 200 µm
Speed Up to 72 m/min (236 ft/min) depending on laser power and cut pattern

Laser Die

Power 175W, 250W or 350W
Laser Type Sealed, single head pulsed CO2
Laser Spot Size 350 μm