High speed rotary letterpress label press

  •  Designed for high speed operation.
  •  Superb accuracy with Central Impression Drum design.
  •  Different variety of works in one web pass made possible with unique press design.

After 30 long years, you will find SKP-250A as one of the best selling presses.
Advantages of both analog and digital technologies are incorporated over years.
No other press can perform for variety of works in one web pass as this press.


  • Air shaft
  • Web guide system
  • Automatic ink washup system
  • Static eliminator
  • UV curing system (air-cooled 3.0KW)


  • Cookie die-cutting unit
  • Full die-cutting unit
  • Back printing unit
  • Flexo varnishing unit
  • Screen printing unit
  • Adhesive printing unit
  • Punching unit
  • Foil stamping unit
  • Laminating unit
  • Half die-cutting unit
  • Slitting unit
  • Sheet-cut unit



Max. web width (mm) 250
Max. print width (mm) 235
Print cylinders (T) 50-150 (158.75 – 465.25)
Die-cutting rollers (T) 50 – 150 (158.75 – 476.25)
Flatbed die-cutting length (T) 50 – 100 (158.75 – 317.5)
Sheet-cut length (T) 50 – 100 (158.75 – 317.5)
Printing speed (m/min) 50
Flatbed die-cutting speed (m/min) 50
Unwinder & rewinder (mmφ) 500
Number of colors 1 – 12
Electric requirements 3φ 200VAC 50A 17.3KVA (for 250mm press 7-color)


01 Features

Web guide system

precisely guides any widths of web with latest supersonic sensor.


02 Features

Laminating unit

overlaminates adhesive laminate film at a high speed.


03 Features

Die-cutting unit 

ensures high speed consistent die-cutting with rotary die roll.


04 Features

Sheet-cut unit

ensures high speed consistent sheeting.


05 Features

Conveyor device

delivers full cut or sheet-fed products.


06 Features

Flatbed die-cutting unit

ensures powerful and consistent die-cutting.


07 Features

Slitting unit

disposes of waste edges with vacuum.