Creaser and Folder CRF-362

Creasing and folding for heavier sheets in one pass. Avoid cracking of digitally-printed stocks.    Sharp Creasing and Folding – Suitable for creasing covers, restaurant menus, shop cards, invitation cards and laminated sheets. The impact creaser avoids cracking on digitally-printed applications


Model CRF-362
Sheet Feeding System

Air Suction Feed Belt

Sheet Size (Width x Length)

Max. 364 x 865 mmor 14.330” x 34.055”
Min. 105 x 180 mmor 4.134” x 7.087” However, the sheet length is limited depending on the fold pattern.

Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper : 80 to 350 gsm (with Folding) 80 to 400 gsm (without Folding)
Feeder Stack Height

Max. 150 mmor 5.90”

Number of Impact Crease Lines

Max. 10 Creasing Lines
Production Speed 4,500 sheets per hour
(A4 / one creasing line and fold)
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