Buckle Unit T-564A / 566A

The PF-P330 paper folder is accurate, easy to operate, and uses rotary suction feeding for perfect folding of color-printed sheets.

Additional folding station – Complicated fold patterns such as map folds or face up and face down 16 page signature folding can be achieved with this additional buckle station.



T-564A / 566A

Machine Structure

T-564A: 4 Buckles
T-566A: 6 Buckles

Sheet Size (Width x Length)

Max. 558 x 558 mm/ 21.96” x 21.96” (Delivered sheet size from the upstream device)
Min. 50 x 128 mm/ 1.97” x 5.04” (Delivered sheet size from the upstream device)
Sheet Weight Range

Uncoated Paper 35 to 209 gsm
Coated Paper 50 to 232 gsm

Belt Speed

30 to 240 meters per minute
99 to 787 feet per minute