Automatic Platen Foil Stamping and Die Cutting

1. Computerized foil control system with 2 pulls to precisely control the foil length as desired.
2. 20 zones heating unit with precise temperature controller. Heating zones temperature can be set individually.
3. Automatic impression on/off system, with tonnage searching program pre-set at low tonnage to avoid damaging die or machine.

Max. paper size 1050mm × 750mm
Min. paper size 400mm x 370mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 1040mm x 730mm
Min. gripper margin 9.5mm
Die-cutting force 300 Tons
Inner size of die chase 1114mm x 760mm
Cutting plate size 10820mm x 736mm
Rang of material thickness 0.1mm~2mm (80~1400gsm)
Corrugated paper ≦4mm
Height of cutting rules 23.6mm
Max. punching speed 7500S/H
Register tolerance ±0.075mm
Main power 20KVA
Feeder pile height with pallet 1200mm
Feeder pile height with pallet (without non-stop) 1400mm
Delivery pile height 1040mm
small sheet device (option) 350mm x 300mm
Longitudinal puller shafts 3
Transeversal puller shafts
Longitudinal maximum foil diameter φ240mm
Transverse maximum foil diameter
Longitudinal rewind shafts (option) 6 (up to 8)
Transverse rewind shafts
Max. longitudinal rewind diameter φ400mm
Max. transverse rewind diameter
Max. stamp speed 7000S/H
Heating zones 20zones
Hot foil stamping power 35KVA
Outer size of machine(mm) 5573L × 2356W × 2606H
Machine weight (approx.) 19.5Tons