Flatbed Diecutter SBL-1060SEB

    1. Wide feeding range from 400mm x 350mm to 1060 x760mm
    2. Non-stop device for feeder and delivery station for production efficiency
    3. High machine speed running steady at 8,000 sheets per hour


Model Die Cutting with Blanking System
Max. paper size 1060 x 760 mm
Min. paper size 400 x 350 mm
Max. die-cutting paper size 1045 x 745 mm
Min. gripper margin 11mm
Die-cutting force 300 Tons
Inner size of die chase 1075 x 769 mm
Cutting plate size 1076 x 756 mm
Range of material thickness 0.1mm~2mm (80~1400gsm)
Corrugated paper ≦4mm
Height of cutting rules 23.6mm
Max. punching speed 7000S/H
Register tolerance ±0.075mm
Variable speed main motor 11.00KW
Other power required 10.75KW
Outer size of machine(mm) 5885L × 5051W × 2533H
Catwalk size 5885L x 1880W
Machine weight
16.5 Tons
Feeder pile height with pallet

1350mm (with non-stop),

1650mm(w/o non-stop)

Delivery pile height 1350mm
Small sheet device (option) 320 x 300 mm
Gripper bite (minimum) 3mm