Paper Folder PF-P330

The PF-P330 paper folder is accurate, easy to operate, and uses rotary suction feeding for perfect folding of color-printed sheets.

Automatic set-up with simple operation – Simply select the sheet size and fold pattern and each section sets-up automatically.

Table-top Perfect Binder BQ-P60

Superior binding quality and effi cient operation.PUR Perfect Binding – High quality PUR binding is assured with dual application drums and separate EVA / PSA side glue application. Drum application enables production of one to one variable thickness books with maximum quality control.

Table-top Collator QC-S30

Entry Level Collator - Simple, User-friendly Operation The QC-S30 entry level tabletop collator features simple push button operation which allows an operator to collate hundreds of sets in just minutes. Also, the QC-S30 can form an in-line bookletmaking system.