Beiren BEIREN 787 BIREN B787 web offset printing machine is equipped on standard of commercial press. It consists of z.. Product #: BEIREN787


ยี่ห้อ: Beiren
รหัสสินค้า: BEIREN787

REN B787 web offset printing machine is equipped on standard of commercial press. It consists of zero-speed splicer, infeeder, printing unit of four cylinders, dryer, chill roll, silicon coater and folder. It can printing every kinds of commercial prints such as high quality color pages of newspaper, advertisement and so on. 


Construction Features 

1. The printing units are of modular design, The units are compact and easy to operate.

2. The printing bear -to-bear is employed on this machine reducing the influence to the printing quality given by vibrations caused by the gear and bearing clearance and the cylinder gaps. The paired preloaded taper roll bearings are used on cylinders which makes the operation stable and the printing pressure constant, this improving the printing quality significantly.

3. The printing cylinders are surface treated making them corrosive-resistant, and resulting a better durability.

4. The printing units has automatic register system of QUAD/TECH product.

5. The quick plate clamping is used for plate cylinder, it may save both time and labor, making the operation convenient.

6. The continuous inking by a anilox roller is used for the inking unit; the continuous brush dampening system is used for the dampening unit with the imported brush roller making the system more suitable for high-speed printing.

7. The double-layer housing is used at the operation side of the printing unit with all the electric equipment installed installed inside the second layer of the housing, which makes the maintenance convenient.

8. The printing units have CPC inking control system.

9. There is no driving shaft between the reel stand and printing unit so that different type of reel sand can be equipped. The standard configuration is zero-speed splier. 

10. The infeeder is product of MEGTEC to make stable tension paper feeding.

11. The draper is product of MEGTEC.

12. The chill roll is used to keep the prints entire dried up with stable web tension.

13. Making the prints more colorful, the machine also equipped with silicon coater.

14. With the web guiding system, the prints can be kept in high folding precision.

15. The technology of the HARRIS-300 is used on the folder which makes it a four-cylinder folder with the signatures delivered from left hand side. The diameter ratio among the cutting cylinder, transfer cylinder, the half-fold cylinder, and double-parallel fold cylinder is 1:2:2:2, which may help improve the folding speed and the stability.

16. Both cross and length perforation function are provided to ensure the signatures flat and solid, and the folding marks constant.

17. The cams and torison bars are used of jaw control, and the jaws are closed at he high point of the cam, which ensures the octavo and thirty-twomo fold stable and reliable.

18. It is easy and quick to make formats changeover.



Technical Parameters  
Number Of Colors 2 / 4 Max.Running Speed(rph) 36,000
Web Width(mm) 787 Max.Roll Diameter(mm) 1100
Paper Weight(g/m2) 40~80 (A)Max.printing area(mm2) 530×767
(B)Max.printing area(mm2) 488×767 (A)Web Cutoff(mm) 550×787
(B)Web Cutoff(mm) 508×787 (2C)Total Motor Power(kw) 50
(4C)Total Motor Power(kw) 75 (A)Plate Size(mm) 785×584×0.3
(A)Blanket Size(mm) 785×612×1.68 Weight(kg)(Pringtjing) 4200
Weight(kg)(Folding) 7000