Beiren BEIREN 75A BEIREN 75A Medium Web Offset Press For Newspaper.. Product #: BEIREN 75A


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BEIREN 75A Medium Web Offset Press For Newspaper

This is a single-width ,double-circumference newspaper offset. The BEIREN 75A H-type printing unit allow all production types for vertical web guiding. For 2/2-,2/1-,4/1-,4/2-and 4/4-colour printing. 


Construction Features 

1. Fast plate changes with narrow gap lock-up. This design makes plate changes particularly fast and easy, and no tools are required. Lock up in true register is made possible by register pins. Adjustments to circumferential and lateral register of the cylinders are motorized.

2. The continuous ink feeding is employed, and the ink fountain roller may be indefinitely regulated and can track with press speed.

3. Baldwin spray dampening system ensures a constant dampening supply.

4. With up to 75,000copies per hour, the 2:3:3 pin-type jaw folder is designed for high performance in newspaper production.

5. The inverter for speed regulation is use for the main machine, and the PLC is employed to replace the logical circuits of relays making the electrical parts operate reliably.

6. MITSUBISHI shaftless motor and drive system are used.

7. The Graphic Operation Terminals(GOT) are equipped on the main control console, form which it is possible to monitor the operation status of the whole offset, as well as carry out the offset operation and the fault diagnosis.

8. A automatic reel splicer, is employed in the infeed section, which makes it to splice the webs without stopping the offset.


Technical Parameters  

Max.Output(sph) 75,000 Min./Max.Web Width(mm) 600~860
Cut-off(mm) 546 Printing Unit Modules H
Web Width(mm) 1050 Folding Format 8 Half-fold
Tower Power(KVA) 150 Folder Power(KVA) 50
Feeder Weight(kg) 3,500 Tower Weight(kg) 40,000
Folder Weight(kg) 25,000


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