Offset Press

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RMGT 9 - A1-Size Offset Presses

High-performance A1-size, B2-size and A2 size printing presses packed with high-end technology


RMGT 11 - 1,130 mm Format Offset Presses

The RMGT 11 ST (straight press) was developed based on mechanisms offering proven rigidity

RMGT 10 and RMGT 11 Larger Commercial Presses

The RMGT 10 ST (straight press) was developed based on mechanisms offering proven rigidity, an inking device and dampening system that provide exceptional printing quality.

RMGT 3 Series Offset Press

The RMGT 3 Series is an A3-size portrait format offset press designed to meet market needs for multiple colors and digitalization. 

RMGT 5 Series Offset Press

The 520GX includes an array of high-end technologies, offering high-speed printing at up to 15,000 S.P.H. and numerous automation and labor-saving devices.

RMGT 6 - A2-Plus Size Offset Presses

The RMGT 6 series are A2-plus size presses with the same advanced functions and features as the B2-size 790 models. Boasting superior productivity, outstanding performance and high reliability, these presses can handle a wide range of printing work.

RMGT 7 - B2-Size Offset Presses

The 790 models can be configured according to customer needs, providing the optimum printing environment for increasing productivity and profitability.


BIREN B787 web offset printing machine is equipped on standard of commercial press. It consists of zero-speed splicer, infeeder, printing unit of four cylinders, dryer, chill roll, silicon coater and folder.


Model BEIREN B890 SERIES Web Offset Book Printing Press is designed with modular structure, thus the machine may be configured flexibly, and can be used to produce books